Root Canals

What is a root canal?

That is a question we hear a lot. We call it Root Canal Therapy (RCT).  Root Canal Therapy is the process of removing damaged soft tissue that lives inside the root canal of a tooth. This soft tissue, that lives within the root canal system, is called Pulp and it has a similar appearance and texture to skin.

Every tooth has a canal (hollow tube) that extends down the center of each root.  This is the root canal of the tooth.  Front teeth typically have only one root and one canal, while back molars usually have three or four roots and three or four canals.

The pulp tissue can be damaged by a multitude of things that result in the break-down of the pulp tissue that results in the need for Root Canal Therapy (RCT) or extraction.  Clenching and grinding of teeth, blunt trauma to a tooth, deep decay and cracks in teeth are a few things that can cause the pulp to begin breaking down.

We use tiny instruments and disinfecting rinses to remove the damaged Pulp tissue from the canals of a tooth. Once the canals have been cleansed and shaped, they are filled with a special material that fills and seals the canals.  Then a special type of filling is placed and usually a crown is placed on the tooth as well.

If a tooth needs a Root Canal and a Crown, Dr. Randle can almost always get the entire Root Canal Therapy, Crown Build-up filling, and Crown Preparation done in a single visit. Requiring you to return, for just one more short appointment, to have your crown cemented. This is by far the most efficient way to have this done and saves you several repetitive trips. Very few Doctors offer this service.

If you need Root Canal Therapy, Dr. Randle can help!

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