Snoring Prevention

Do you or anyone you know have snoring related sleep problems.  An estimated 80 million people in North America do.  Dr. Randle can help.  Using a comfortable, specially designed mouth piece custom made for your mouth, Dr. Randle can relieve and often eliminate snoring related sleep problems.  This is one of the most conservative and cost effective non-surgical treatment for snoring related sleep problems available.

Often times, patients are referred Dr. Randle’s office from Sleep Study Clinics because a patient has not responded well to surgery or CPAP, or a patient does not want surgery or CPAP.  These patients, in almost every case, have reported that our treatment system is easier to use than CPAP, is effective in reducing their snoring and leaves them feeling well rested when they wake in the morning.

Ask about our patient testimonials to this valuable service.

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